This vision was birthed in Pastor John Hagee’s heart many years ago and is one of those dreams where he may be planting trees beneath whose branches he may never sit. Yet he believes it is a worthy, long-term vision that will save our children.

Visualize the Sanctuary of Hope with three components: 1. An unwed mother’s facility where pregnant women who choose against abortion can reside and receive care, guidance and education while waiting for their baby to be born. She could choose to raise her child or the child could be adopted by a Godly family of proven character. 2. The Sanctuary of Hope orphanage; a state of the art facility located in the San Antonio area that will raise children without a family in a loving, God-centered environment. 3. A world-class educational facility including dormitories which will enable qualified students from around America to attend Cornerstone Christian Schools—one of the finest Christian schools in the nation.

John Hagee Ministries believes that that the Sanctuary of Hope is a place where deserving children can reach their divine potential and become righteous leaders for the future of America and the world.

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