CBN NewsWatch AM: August 2, 2022

China issues threats against the US as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan; the US killing of Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri is a great victory in the war against terrorism, but raises questions about the presence of Al Qaeda members in Afghanistan; the battle for the Republican nomination for Governor in Arizona in today’s primary: former President Donald Trump endorses Kari Lake while former Vice-President Mike Pence endorses Karrin Taylor Robson; Israel cracks down on the Palestinian policy known as “pay to slay,” where the Palestinian Authority pays terrorists and their families; revivalist Lou Engle talks to CBN’s “The Prayer Link” about what comes next in the battle over abortion, and working to bring revival to the US; and with thousands of churches starting ministries to meet the needs of cancer patients, CBN’s “Healthy Living” talks to Reverend Percy McCray Jr about training these ministry teams.

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