CBN NewsWatch AM: August 3, 2022

Voters in Kansas reject measure that would have allowed state legislature to tighten restrictions on abortion or ban it outright; Tudor Dixon wins Republican primary for nomination to run for Governor in Michigan, and in Arizona, Kari Lake leads in the GOP Governor’s primary race- both of those candidates have been endorsed by former President Donald Trump; in Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi says the US will not abandon its commitment to the island nation, as China objects to her visit; the World Health Organization wants to change the way people view gender, bypassing the traditional approach, and promoting the “Gender Mainstreaming Manual;” farmers in the Netherlands taking to the streets to protest government climate change measures that would shrink their farms and take their land – and a similar plan could be coming to the US; Katy Nichole talks to CBN’s “Studio 5” about her hit song “In Jesus Name,” and how the Lord has worked in her life; and a video of Nathan Kistler of Hope to the Hill Ministries singing the Lord’s Prayer in the Capitol Rotunda quickly went viral online.

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