29 Sep 2022

29 Sep 2022

Hurricane Ian storm surge floods homes, sends boats floating down streets of Southwest Florida
Conditions continued to deteriorate Wednesday in southwest Florida after Hurricane Ian made landfall with 150 mph winds and a forecast 18-foot storm surge.

Cuba’s electrical grid collapses after Hurricane “Ian” 
Category 3 Hurricane “Ian” made landfall just southwest of the town of La Coloma in the Pinar del Rio Province of Cuba at 08:30 UTC on September 27, 2022, with maximum sustained winds of 205 km/h (125 mph) and a minimum central pressure of 952 hPa.

United Nations Food Chief Warns Of ‘Chaos,’ ‘Hell’ And Wide Spread Food Shortage Next Year: The World Is Facing ‘A Perfect Storm On Top Of A Perfect Storm’
The United Nations’ Food chief is urging the public to prepare for famine and widespread food shortage next year amid an severe fertilizer supply shortage.

Top doctor who once promoted COVID vaccines on TV, now says they should be halted
A highly respected cardiologist and expert in evidence-based medicine was prompted to take a critical look at the vaccine data after the unexpected death of his father 6 months after vaccination. He spent 6 months carefully studying the data and consulting with other top scientists. He’s now calling for a halt to the vaccines based on the data. He called it “the greatest miscarriage of medical science that we will see in our lifetime.”

Pedophiles Celebrate: Spanish Minister Declares Children Can Have Sex ‘With Whomever They Want’ If They ‘Consent’
On September 21, during a hearing in Congress on the pro-trans and abortion law, Spain’s Minister of Equality called pedophilia a “right.” The communist Minister, Irene Montero, shocked her fellow politicians when she chose sexual deviants over minors and declared, “Children should have the right to have sexual relations with whomever they want, as long as they consent.”

NJ Department Of Education Threatens Schools That Refuse To Promote Gender Identity To Minors 
New Jersey teaching standards now require second graders to learn about transgenderism and gender identity.

COVID-19 relief fraud likely ‘biggest fraud’ in US history, tax watchdog warns
While the federal government has allotted more than $5 trillion to COVID-19 economic relief and stimulus, undetermined billions in taxpayer dollars have been fraudulently siphoned from the aid spending, likely amounting to the “biggest fraud that the country’s seen,” according to Americans for Tax Reform.

Guardian: Leaked Plans for a Global Carbon Tax
According to The Guardian, poor countries will demand a global carbon tax this week on airline travel, shipping fuel and fossil fuel extraction.

One of the last remaining gas pipelines into Europe may be SHUT DOWN in legal dispute, unleashing “End of Days” energy crisis without precedent
Yet another gas pipeline to Europe – one of the last that is still online, just to be clear – faces closure due to an ongoing legal spat between Russia and Ukraine.

162 Researchers From Top US Nuclear Facility Now Working for China: Report
More than 150 scientists who worked in a top U.S. national security laboratory were hired by the Chinese regime to do research, according to a new report. Much of that research has directly advanced Chinese military technology, which now threatens U.S. national security.

Green group influencing Biden admin has deep ties to Chinese government
The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a major U.S. green group that has influenced Biden administration policymaking, has deep ties to the Chinese government.

Massive planned famines are coming in the very near future! American farmers warn of massive unmet food supply needs!
Biden has purposely engineered a food shortage. Do you really think that the destruction of 108 food processing plants, since he came into office is a coincidence? Biden’s policies are purposely designed to dramatically drive up the price of shipping food. Changes in fertilizer regulations will yield substantially less food . Biden’s people do nothing about the food shortage. And so the story goes without end. It is clear that Biden is serving the World Economic Forum who want you to eat nothing but bugs.

Hurricane Ian Slams Into Florida As 155 MPH Monster Causing Over A Million People To Lose Power, People Watch Houses Float Down The Street 
Pray for all the souls in the path of Hurricane Ian, it has hit the southwest coast of Florida much harder than anyone was anticipating. At 155 miles per hour, Hurricane Ian is a legitimate monster, swallowing everything in his path. I experienced Hurricane Matthew in 2017 as well as Hurricane Irma in 2018, but we on the east coast of Florida didn’t see damage like the west coast is now seeing.

Nord Stream pipeline SABOTAGE clearly orchestrated by ruthless Biden regime: Nuland, Biden and Sen. Johnson all demanded “ending it permanently” by any means necessary
The demolition of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea is one of the most outrageous and evil acts of terrorism and sabotage in the history of our world. Now that the sabotage has been confirmed by numerous nations, the blame game has begun as everyone is wondering, “Who did it?”

India: Court Date Set for Bill Gates to Answer to Victims’ Family for Daughter’s Murder by Vaccine
In November 2021, the World’s first Covid injection murder case against Bill Gates was filed in India. It was the case of a 23-year-old who had died after taking a Covishield “vaccine” because the railways mandated it as a condition to travel.  The two named defendants were Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India.

Spike Protein mRNA From Covid Injections Gets into Breastmilk, A New Study Says
A new study was published on Monday that admitted the mRNA “vaccine” clinical trials excluded several vulnerable groups, including children and breastfeeding mothers. These tests should have been done before rolling out a mass vaccination program – but hey, this is the new way of practicing experimental medicine, Dr. Byram Bridle wrote.

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