Hate Crimes Against Jews Hit All-Time High

Hate Crimes Against Jews Hit All-Time High

Anti-Jewish hate seems more common in big European cities or in New York City. But as the threat of antisemitism grows right here in the United States, college campuses are the new breeding ground for anti-Israel, anti-Jewish bias. Hate crimes against Jews set an all-time high last year. Most took the form of violent attacks and vandalism against synagogues and Jewish temples. This week on Capitol Hill, congressmen expressed concerns about a new wave of antisemitism infecting young American adults.

CBN’s Gary Lane has the story. You can read more about this topic here: https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2022/october/new-wave-of-antisemitism-infecting-us-college-students-hate-crimes-against-jews-hit-all-time-high

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