Three Appearings and the Double Return of Christ | Episode #1152 | Perry Stone

Watch the latest Manna-Fest episode with Perry Stone. This episode was filmed in Cleveland, TN.
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One thought on “Three Appearings and the Double Return of Christ | Episode #1152 | Perry Stone

  1. I watched the whole thing, and where is the evidence for pre-trib?

    He asserts WITHOUT EVIDENCE that this verse applies to this coming, and this verse applies to that coming, without any evidence from scripture that the multiple references to the parousia/coming of the Lord are actually multiple events.

    Again, where is the Biblical on-ramp to this highway of pre-trib circular reasoning.

    I Thessalonians 4 shows us that the rapture happens at he coming of the Lord. Then if we look in II Thessalonians 2, we see in the man of sin passage that ‘that wicked’ is destroyed a the brightness of His coming.

    How in the world is someone supposed to get the idea that there are two comings of the Lord spoken of there? Did some scripture say there are two returns of Christ? If it doesn’t, then, we should assume there is one?

    Here, we just see Perry Stone assume pre-trib. The only evidence I can see that he tries to give is maybe he is trying to hint that ‘Prophet, Priest, and King’ are three roles, so there are supposed to be three comings? That’s pretty weak but I didn’t catch him actually make that point.

    Using ‘not appointed unto wrath’ doesn’t make sense in context because it says ye are not appointed unto wrath but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Revelation never says that God is angry at the saints who are on earth during the tribulation, and such an idea does not seem consistent with the positive things the passage says about these believers.

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