I Wanted to Be a Suicide Bomber. Now I Love Jesus! | Isik Abla

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On this week’s episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2018: A former Muslim, Isik Abla learned that Jesus is greater than a life of abuse and fear. What began with an escape saw Isik transformed from victim to ambassador of joy.

ISik Abla Wants You to Start a Fire

Joy & the Impossible. (3-CD Set) ISIK ABLA is a walking testimony that God desires all His children to experience the Heaven kind of joy, the kind that comes with being close to Jesus.

Through her CD series ISik mentors you on how to maintain the Fire of God in your life and transform your mind by overcoming negativity. Her gift is getting others to begin believing and experiencing their own “impossibles.” As the saying goes, she who laughs last laughs best — ISik has shared her testimony with millions!

Her CD series includes:

• How to maintain the fire of God in your life

• Developing a transformed mind

• Ask for the impossible

I Dreamed Freedom (Book) is ISik’s powerful story of deliverance from a life of domestic abuse. Her newfound relationship with Jesus led her out of a cultural prison — reinforced with wrong identity and thinking — into a life filled with the Spirit, the miraculous and God’s unmistakable joy.

ISik Abla was born in Turkey. She was raised — and abused — in a Muslim home, only to escape into even deadlier abuse by a man she married. In 1996 she fled to America but struggled to start her life again. Planning suicide, she encountered Jesus.

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