Angels Saved My Life When a Truck Crushed Me! | Bruce Van Natta with Sid Roth

Bruce Van Natta died three times, but the story of his angelic escort, out of body experience, miracle recovery and fire-starter ministry is worth the price of admission. What can you learn from Bruce?

Bruce Van Nada has had extraordinary encounters with God. His book, A Miraculous Life, shares stories of what the miraculous looks like in your daily life and it gives key points to help you walk in the supernatural. His first encounter came at the age of five, a hug from God. But it was a workplace tragedy that birthed his fulltime miracle ministry.

It took two angels and a paramedic (a baby born-again Christian!) to bring Bruce back from death. He left his body three times! Bruce is convinced that no matter who you are, where you are, your age, gender, or spiritual commitment, God longs to talk to you and through you, to change your life and the lives of those around you. God lives in the miraculous and He is your miraculous God!

Bruce’s companion teachings will transform the way you think and see yourself.

• God Will Talk Through You (Booklet)

• Positioning Yourself for Supernatural Victory (2-CD Set)

God’s kingdom works through people like Bruce and people like you. Just ask God to use you.

Bruce Van Natta has been sent on a mission from Jesus to start fires in people’s hearts for God. Through Sweet Bread Ministries he gives his testimony worldwide, sharing the miraculous power and love of Jesus.

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