Sanctuary of Hope; Pastor John Hagee’s Heart


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We preach against abortion, but in addition to taking a stand against this practice, we must also provide an alternative answer for these young mothers who at times feel they have no other options when they find themselves in seemingly impossible circumstances. We need to give them, and their unborn children, a viable option for their collective futures, and Sanctuary of Hope plans on being just that.

Visualize the Sanctuary of Hope with the following components: one—an unwed mother’s facility where young pregnant women who choose against abortion can reside until their baby is born. The child could then be adopted by a Godly family of proven character or raised in, two—the Sanctuary of Hope orphanage; a state of the art facility located in the San Antonio area. And the third component is world-class educational facilities including dormitories which will enable these children and other qualified students from around America to attend Cornerstone Christian Schools—one of the finest Christian schools in the nation.

Partner with us help build a Sanctuary of Hope where deserving children can reach their divine potential and become righteous leaders for the future of America and the world.

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