Muslim Woman Finds Forgiveness in Jesus After Abortion | Souls & Stories — NIGHT 1


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Aisha was born in Amman, Jordan. Her father abused her verbally and said things that should never be said to a daughter. When Aisha and her family moved to the U.S., she was desperate to be loved and got pregnant at 17.

She knew her father was obligated by Islamic culture to murder her, so she decided to get an abortion – a shame she carried for many years to follow.

In Islam, “her sins were unforgivable,” and she knew she was “hated by Allah.” In search for forgiveness and hope, she cried out to Allah and heard an audible voice say “Jesus.”

It was the first time she felt any form of peace in her life. That one supernatural experience gave her an insatiable hunger for truth, and in Romans 5:8 she found the truth and forgiveness she desperately desired. What happened to her father will shock you!
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