Crack in Your Armor/Blood Moons Package | Offer ARM-112


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Perry’s new landmark book, There is a Crack in Your Armor, and the latest prophetic DVD, Blood Moons Rising and the Passover Patterns are available now as Manna-Fest offer ARM-112.

Believers that have served Christ for many years are suddenly hitting spiritual roadblocks, heavens that seem like they are made of brass, and many other hindrances they have never before encountered. With his time running short, Satan is releasing new levels of temptation and bizarre spiritual warfare in believer’s families, churches and thought life.

Perry Stone’s New Book, There is a Crack in Your Armor, is a timely read for all believers! Revelation from God’s Word, along with Perry’s insight from 36 years of ministry and over 80,000 hours of Bible study merge in this book to bring you a true manifesto on the inside strategies of the adversary and the methods of dealing with strange spiritual conflicts!

Along with this new book, Perry is offering the DVD teaching, Blood Moons Rising and the Passover Patterns. Perry began disclosing the significance of Blood Moons back in 1996 during Jerusalem’s 3000th anniversary. There is much clamor concerning interpreting these cosmic prodigies. After much Hebraic research, Perry saw two important prophecies that must occur if these lunar eclipses are truly the signs mentioned by the prophet Joel.

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