6CD110 – 6 Important Prophecy Updates


I have literally preached thousands of prophetic messages during my ministry, revealing to believers and non-believers the times and seasons, the signs of Christ coming, the significance of Israel, the future events related to the tribulation, and much more. I have personally selected these six messages from my more recent conferences, and believe the information and teaching will give you fresh insight into subjects and prophetic interpretations that you may have not heard before. God is opening up the prophetic word to his people in these last days and you must stay informed and prepared!

• The Mystery of the Great Sabbatismos
• Yom Hakeseh — The Mystery of the Hidden Day
• Second Coming Secrets Revealed in the Priestly Rituals
• The Prophetic Mystery of the Joseph Code
• Living in Prophetic Crunch Time
• The Spirit of Antichrist Wearing Down the Saints

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