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The OCI Main Hall was packed to capacity with over 2800 attendees, who came anticipating receiving a, “right now” word and they were not disappointed! Countless seasoned partners said, “I have never been in a conference like this and have never heard such revelation from the Bible in my life!” Many of you have asked if we can make these messages available. The “Inside information” was not recorded, only the 11 main service messages were recorded on CD and DVD. The day Jonathan Cahn spoke, a major harbinger occurred in New York, City that stunned the congregation. Here is a listing of the Summit Conference service speakers and titles and these are now available on DVD!

The Service The Speaker The Title of the Message

Thursday Night – Jonathan Cahn – The Most Recent Harbingers

Friday Morning Session 1 – Mark Casto – How Believers are Hindering the Return of the Lord

Friday Morning Session 2 – Donald Perkins – The Reality of Hell

Friday Night – Perry Stone – Is Obama a Muslim – and does it really Matter?

Saturday Morning Session 1 – Donald Perkins – Secrets of Heaven

Saturday Morning Session 2 – Bill Cloud – What the Beginning Tells us About the End

Saturday Night Session 1 – Bill Cloud – Living in the Days of Elijah

Saturday Night Session 2 – Perry Stone – Resolving the Pre-Mid and Post Rapture Controversy

Sunday Morning Session 1 – Bill Cloud – Esau Now Rising

Sunday Morning Session 2 – Perry Stone – Yom Hakeseh – The Mystery of the Hidden Day

Sunday Night – Perry Stone – America in Travail – Where are our Danger and Safety Zones

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