This week Pastor Wilson address how conservatives and progressives think about equality. He also talks about J.C. Ryle’s wonderful book, “Holiness”, and Pastor Wilson finishes things off with a look at the word apalgeo. Happy plodding!

Show Notes:

Equality of Outcome:

We all think that equality is a good thing, but we need to look at the context of the equality Conservatives want equality of opportunity, while Progressive’s want equality of outcome Conservatives want equality in the rules, while Progressives want equality of the scoreboard In order to keep everything perfectly equal, you would have to be God


Written by J.C. Ryle Ryle is a master of clarity, and is a very straight forward writer In this book he presents the classic reformed understanding of sanctification Ryle shows what it is to grow in holiness and is an enormous help to Christians who want to be holy in God’s sight


Means to be past feeling Only used once in the New Testament: Ephesians 4:19-20 This refers to one whose conscience is seared, whose moral sensibilities have been deadened Guilt is a gift from God, without it we would destroy ourselves

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