28 May 2022


Shallow M6.2 earthquake hits East Timor region A shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.2 hit East Timor region at 02:36 UTC on May 27, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 49 km (30 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 60 km (37 miles). Don Surber: Gun owners outnumber […]

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Shallow M6.2 earthquake hits East Timor region
A shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.2 hit East Timor region at 02:36 UTC on May 27, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 49 km (30 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 60 km (37 miles).

Don Surber: Gun owners outnumber Democrats
The Geezer-in-Chief came back to the United States to demand more gun laws after an 18-year-old transvestite broke numerous federal gun laws as he shot and killed 21 people, 18 of whom were schoolchildren.

Monkeypox outbreak may have been sparked by sex at two raves in Belgium and Spain, WHO expert warns 
Sexual transmission at two festivals in Europe may have sparked the world’s escalating monkeypox outbreak, a World Health Organization expert has claimed.

Doug Billings: Democratic Party has been replaced by the Communist Socialist Party 
For “The Right Side” host Doug Billings, the Democratic Party is no more. There’s not the slightest hint of what it used to be and what it used to represent.

UK healthcare system removes the word ‘woman’ from webpages about womb and ovarian cancer
It has been a truly weird experience to watch women being pushed, inch by inch, out of spaces once reserved for them as the transgender movement advances through the culture.

Bhutan faces food shortage; spike in domestic prices
Rising fuel import costs and global grain shortages have led to a spike in domestic prices, posing a risk of food scarcity for people in Bhutan, especially in the rural areas, economic affairs minister Loknath Sharma told Reuters on Thursday.

Dwindling wheat supply may kick off global famine, expert warns 
A food insecurity expert warned that there’s only 10 weeks of wheat supplies left in the world as Russian invasion disrupts production. This was reported by Harrison Smith during the May 23 episode of “The American Journal.”

United Nations: “We’re Taking Food From The Hungry and Giving It To The Starving”
David Beasley, the executive director of the United Nations’ World Food Program said that because of the food crisis globally, “we’re taking food from the hungry to give to the starving.”  While peaking at the recent World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland, Beasley added that the Ukraine conflict was devastating to the food supply.

Dr. Robert Malone: Wartime ‘victory gardens’ can help us reject consumerism and reclaim self-sufficiency
People don’t have to be dependent on international agribusinesses, nutritionally valueless food, grain from Russia or Ukraine, food imports from China and other countries, or even be dependent on high priced organics to feed ourselves and our families. Each of us has the power to create our food from scratch.

Arizona prohibits COVID shot mandates for K-12 students 
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation May 20 that prohibits COVID jab mandates for kindergarten to 12th grade students.

Klaus Schwab issues THREAT to Brazilian president for refusing to sign WHO pandemic treaty 
World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and Executive Director Klaus Schwab issued a thinly veiled threat toward Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after the strongman refused to sign the World Health Organization‘s (WHO) pandemic treaty.

Did Joe Biden Just Admit Cause Of Skyrocketing Gas Prices Is Intentional?
As Memorial Day weekend approaches and people are solidifying their travel plans, gas prices are expected to hit record highs in various states across the country.  Despite Biden’s claims that he is taking action to bring skyrocketing gas prices under control, they have been steadily increasing throughout the year, from an average of $3.03 last year to $4.59 as of yesterday.

Amazon Seeks To Offload Up To 10 Million Square Feet Of Warehouse Space | ZeroHedge
It isn’t just Walmart and Target that are feeling the effects of the forthcoming economic slowdown. Now, even e-commerce giant Amazon is starting to feel the pain – and take action accordingly.

Canadian Researchers Find Carbon Nanotech and Thulium in Moderna and Pfizer Covid Injections
After reviewing electron microscope images of elements contained in the Covid Pfizer and Moderna injections, Dr. Daniel Nagase revealed that, strangely, the contents of the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” show no signs of biological material, including mRNA or DNA.

HUGE: 102 Counties in Georgia Can’t Produce Drop Box Videos! NO SURVEILLANCE FOR OVER 181,000 BALLOTS!
102 Georgia Counties are unable to produce their drop box videos, meaning that there is no surveillance for over 181 thousand ballots

Horror: Uvalde School Children Desperately Called 911 Begging for Help as Police Waited an Hour to Kill Shooter
Several children at Uvalde Elementary School made 911 calls begging for help as a lone gunman shot their classmates and teachers during Tuesday’s massacre in the western Texas town of Uvalde that killed 19 students and two teachers. The report of the 911 calls was made by Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw at a press briefing Friday.

Post-Christian Europe Attempting To Shut Down Free Speech
Over a year after his arrest, a 72-year-old street preacher in the UK has been cleared of a charge of causing “alarm and distress.” Pastor John Sherwood was preaching on the street on the Biblical definition of marriage from Genesis 1:27-28. Someone in the audience was offended and called the police.

Duke prof compares mandatory equity training to ‘Maoist propaganda’, his colleagues’ responses prove him right
A tenured professor at Duke University compared mandatory equity training to “Maoist political propaganda workshops,” prompting outrage from PhD candidates accusing him of “transphobia & homophobia.”

Beyond Ukraine-The Chinese Constitute the Biggest Threat to America As Their Conquest Successfully Continues!
Meanwhile, away from the horrible tragedy in Ulvalde, TX., and the war in Ukraine, the MSM and your elected officials are refusing to critically look at the encroaching and expanding threat posed by the CHICOMS against America and its citizens. The Chinese have declared war and they are winning. Here is a review of their ongoing policies which are paralyzing every aspect of American life  The media is the “Great Distractor.”

At Davos 2022, All The Talk From The Global Elites Centered Around The Coming Metaverse Digital Prison They Have Planned For Us All To Enjoy
We at NTEB have been warning you for some time now about the coming Metaverse digital prison that, as enticing as they’re making it seem, is actually a digital prison from which the Mark of the Beast will likely be administered after the arrival of Antichrist. But in any case, allow us to sound the alarm yet again that the Metaverse is a place that no Christian should spend time in.

Monkeypox Ain’t Cutting It: The Perpetrators Overplayed Their Hand And Now They Have A Problem
Just as Americans were starting to move past the COVID-19 pandemic and the government overreach that followed in the form of mandates, protocols, and restrictions, it seems that another disease has been reported.

Kremlin says West triggered global food crisis with sanctions 
The Kremlin said on Monday that the West had triggered a global food crisis by imposing the severest sanctions in modern history on Russia over the war in Ukraine.

Uvalde massacre was a PLANNED STAND DOWN operation – law enforcement saved their own children while parents were pepper-sprayed and handcuffed 
It’s now 100% clear that the Uvalde mass shooting was a “stand down operation,” meaning law enforcement was deliberately ordered to stand down so that the massacre could take place. The goal? Gun control, of course.

This is what happens if you give up your guns: Australia announces TWO YEARS in prison for violating covid rules 
There is some good news Down Under: South Australia’s extreme Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions as provisioned under the Emergency Management Act are on the verge of being repealed.

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