Homeschool Advocate Sam Sorbo Urges Parents to Take Back the Reins of Their Children’s Education


COVID, gender ideology, controversial curriculum – there’s no shortage of issues plaguing the public education system, or anger as parents flood school board meetings. The mounting frustration is leading many families to seek education alternatives.

Sam Sorbo is one of those parents. The author, actress, and wife of actor Kevin Sorbo is a homeschooling mom who believes parents eyes are being opened to some troubling realities.

“People are being robbed. The school is robbing parents. It’s robbing them blind. They don’t even know it,” Sorbo told CBN News. “I think that parents are waking up to the fact that children are being indoctrinated away from them and away from their beliefs. And now that parents are waking up to that they’re saying, ‘I cannot abide that.’ That’s the bridge too far for them.”

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