Have you ever wondered what your God-given destiny is? Dr. Sandy Kulkin says it is time to discover who you have been created to be — and the secret is hidden in your personality.
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God gave you a Biblical personality style…
How well do you know yourself? Dr. Sandy Kulkin will be glad to introduce you! And it can change your life as Dr. Kulkin helps you:

• Strengthen relationships
• Build self-esteem
• Identify stressors
• Enhance communication in relationships
• Identify qualities and gifts

Dr. Kulkin’s workbook identifies an individual’s personality style (D, I, S, or C) by using a simple 24-question profile, which can be scored right away showing your characteristics of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

As you gain insights to the differences in people, you also see your own strengths, limitations and even innate fears. It helps communication and your relationships, AND you also learn which biblical characters are associated with your God-given personality.

Dr. Kulkin’s 2-CD set, Your Supernatural Destiny, is like personal mentoring to help you apply what you learn from the results — and the Holy Spirit participates! If you’ve been out of sync with who God created you to be, these insights are keys to every day and every area of your life! Take a step in God’s direction.

This DISC Profile is intended for application with Christian audiences. Includes 24-question DISC test, scoring instructions, and corresponding DISC profiles for all DISC styles. Biblical examples and spiritual gifts are given for each personality type. An action plan is included for using Biblical insights to improve relationships.

Dr. Sandy Kulkin has made a life of giving words of empowerment that transform businesses, corporations and individual lives. He is a nationally recognized expert and the founder of the Institute of Motivational Living, with materials published in 15 languages and distributed worldwide.

▶▶Get your copy of Dr. Sandy Kulkin’s Biblical Profile: DISC Personality System: http://bit.ly/2xlkdaM

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