Clergy Call for ‘Climate Repentance’ as UN Summit Wraps Up in Egypt


“The clock is ticking,” warned UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, “We are in the fight of our lives and we are losing. Greenhouse gas emissions keep growing, global temperatures keep rising. We are on a highway to climate hell, with our foot still on the accelerator.” Climate alarmists are ramping up the rhetoric, but Dale Hurd points out that one must wonder whether the doomsday rhetoric can be trusted. After all, 50 years ago the UN warned mankind had only “ten years to stop catastrophe.” Forty years ago, the UN said we have until the year 2000 to prevent the equivalent of a “nuclear holocaust.” And 15 years ago the UN warned that if climate change wasn’t stopped by 2012, “it would be too late.”

CBN’s Dale Hurd has the story. Read the FULL VERSION here:

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