Coach, Teen Daughter Sue After Suspension For ‘Misgendering’ Student


A Vermont middle school soccer coach and his teenage daughter are fighting back after purportedly being suspended and punished for “misgendering” a student who identifies as transgender. Travis Allen and his 14-year-old daughter Blake are suing after both say they received punishments for comments made after a biological male used the girls’ locker room. Their complaint alleges the Orange Southwest School District and Randolph Union High School violated their First Amendment rights.

Blake told CBN’s Faithwire the firestorm ignited when the transgender student, who identifies as female and plays on Blake’s volleyball team, reportedly walked into the girls’ locker room on Sept. 21. “I was in the locker room with a bunch of other teammates getting ready for our game, and the trans student walked in,” she said, noting students asked the individual to leave. “When we went to talk to the principals, they said there’s nothing they can do and that the trans student is allowed to be in there no matter if it was a biological male.”

After the initial incident, Blake said she spoke with a friend in class about “how it was crazy that they would just let the trans student come in.” She said the male had no business in the locker room. That conversation was purportedly reported to the co-principal’s office, and Blake was told after an investigation she bullied the student based on gender identity, and was implored to write an apology letter and participate in a “restorative justice circle.” She was also initially given a suspension.

“I thought that was crazy for using freedom of speech, that I could be suspended because I didn’t want a male watching me change,” Blake said. Phil Sechler, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom who is representing the Allens, said Blake never ended up serving her suspension, as the school dropped it the day after ADF filed a lawsuit on the family’s behalf.

But Blake’s father, Travis Allen, did find himself in the crosshairs of chaos. Listen to the family and Sechler share their story.

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