Fall Break Staff Picks


For some Fall Break is a time to relax and unwind, for others it is a time
to catch up open homework. Whatever your plans are, Cleveland offers some
fun boredom solutions.

For some, Fall Break is a time to relax and unwind. For others, it is a time to catch up on homework. Whatever your plans are, Cleveland offers some fun boredom solutions.

Here are our staff picks for Fall Break:

“I’m going on Fall Tour with Lee Singers,” said Lee Clarion’s Sports Editor, Drew Cook.

Many of Lee’s choirs and singing groups go on tour during the two day break.

“This Fall Break I will be traveling with Voices of Lee family to Orlando, FL, to sing with Dr. David Jeremiah for his Nights of Worship in Anyway Center,” said Lee Clarion’s Life Editor, Sarah Mooneyham. “We are so excited for this trip and to honor Dr. Jeremiah’s ministry! Any break I get to travel and sing with my best friends is a successful break to me.”

Sports do not stop over Fall Break.

“Staying in town for basketball with my teammates, watching football and hopefully going camping one night,” said Lee Clarion’s Multimedia Reporter, Macy Woodworth.

Studies have found there is a connection between art and healing.

“For Fall Break I’ll be painting, resting, and spending a lot of time with my parents,” said Lee Clarion’s Senior Photographer, Morgan Kiehl.

“I am going to do puzzles and watch football with my family,” said Lee Clarion’s Copy Editor, Hannah Robbins.

To view the NFL football schedules for Oct. 16 and Oct. 17, click here.

“I am going camping in the mountains and stopping by the Cleveland Apple Festival,” said Lee Clarion’s photographer, Riley Evans.

The Cleveland Apple Festival will be on Oct. 15 and 16 in downtown Cleveland, TN.

“I’m going home to West Virginia with some of my friends,” said Lee Clarion’s Graphic Designer, Sara Ford. “Were plan on going on a hike and visiting D.C. and doing other fall activities.”

“I’m going home and visiting my friends,” said Senior Reporter, Emma Martinez.

“I will be utilizing my time over Fall Break to catch up on homework and wedding plan,” said Editor-in-Chief, Emma Wood.

Whatever you are doing over Fall Break, there are tons of local things to occupy your time!

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