2021 Backyard Concert & Campout | Trail Life USA


Set a reminder to join us right here on the CBN News YouTube channel on Sunday, May 30 at 9 PM EDT for a special concert event featuring for KING & COUNTRY, with special guests Dennis Rainey, Dr. Daniel Huerta from Focus on the Family, and Operation Christmas Child.

Trail Life USA is encouraging families to spend the evening together playing games, roasting hot dogs, telling stories, toasting s’mores, and gazing at the stars. Then at 9 PM, join with families across the nation for an amazing concert event! Whether you watch on an iPad in a tent, from a blanket fort on your living room TV, or on a screen you create in the backyard, don’t miss this opportunity to gather together and #MakeaMemory

Learn More at https://www.TrailLifeUSA.com/backyard-concert
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