‘I Have to Stand Firm’: ‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Moonves Proudly Shares Faith in Jesus


Longtime “Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves is known for her successful TV career, but she’s also making headlines this month for another reason: her Christian faith. Moonves released “But First, God: An Audio Memoir of Spiritual Discovery” earlier this month, a project rooted in her personal faith discovery.

“When I finally found Jesus in 2018, I had never owned a Bible,” she told CBN Digital. “And I was gifted one from a friend who was one of my favorite cameramen working in TV news.” That cameraman, who later became a pastor, helped Moonves on her journey to faith, as she dove into the Bible and began to discover eternal truth for the very first time.

“I was so focused on this world, and I didn’t acknowledge that there was any other world beyond the world that we live in,” she said of her years before becoming a Christian. “I was very focused on my false idol then, which was work, my career, my job, and that’s who I was, and any blessing that came my way, I thought that it was something that I did to earn it and that I deserved it.” Moonves added, “I was just never thinking about God.”

But all that changed in 2018 when she received that Bible and started thinking deeper about the Lord.

Moonves said she first started trying out different churches on Sunday mornings and eventually landed at a Presbyterian house of worship. Now, she’s all in on her faith. “One of the big things I learned is: if you do not declare publicly … who He is to you or what He has done for you, why should He go before God the Father when … my time is up here on Earth?” she said. “So, I have to stand firm, and say it loud, and say it proud, what He has done for me and who He is.”

Watch the “Big Brother” host tell her story.

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