Biblical Proof Found in Stunning Archaeological Finds: ‘A Tsunami of Evidence’


A professor who’s out with a book about fascinating archaeological finds that help bring the Bible to life said such discoveries keep corroborating what Christians know to be true about the Scriptures. Tom Meyer, known as “The Bible Memory Man” for his ability to memorize entire books of the Bible, is a professor at Shasta Bible College. And his latest book “Archaeology and the Bible: 50 Fascinating Finds That Bring the Bible to Life” offers key insights into biblical truth.

“We don’t need archaeology to prove the Bible’s true,” Meyer recently told CBN News. “The Bible stands on its own. It’s totally authoritative in all manners.” But the author said he knows Christians face challenges when evangelizing and sharing their faith, particularly among those who don’t believe the Scriptures hold any authority. “You know how it is if you’re sharing your faith, or you’re evangelizing,” Meyer said. “If you tell someone, ‘You need to believe the Bible because the Bible says it’s true,’ you’re going to get some pushback.”

That’s why Meyer said it’s helpful to have “different apologetics” that can be used to point to the Gospel, noting that archaeology keeps “revealing new information from the pages of the Bible.” This study of the ancient past helps validate Scripture. “Bible archaeology has given us a tsunami of evidence that we already know — that all these people existed,” he said. “I think 50 to 100 people [who are] mentioned in the Bible, that person’s exact name — King David, Isaiah, the prophet, King Hezekiah, et cetera — we found their names and archaeological objects, which … demonstrates the reliability and the accuracy of Scripture.” Watch Meyer explain.

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