‘Cowardice’: Ministry Leader Hits Back After Christian Orgs Cancel Event, Calls Leaders to ‘Bravery’


The CEO of a Christian men’s ministry has a message for pastors and leaders who fearfully withhold biblical truth, decrying the “cowardice” seen in some churches today. Ken Harrison, head of Promise Keepers, reminded believers of all stripes of the importance of recognizing God’s plans for their lives.

“Everybody … who has given their life to Christ has a list of good works that God laid down for them to accomplish at the beginning of time, and specifically gifted them to accomplish those gifts, those tasks,” Harrison said. “And God says, ‘I will reward you based on how well you’ve accomplished the mission I’ve given you.'” The call at the center of it all, he said, is to stand up and spread the Gospel, with each believer being given a quest he or she must answer in their own lives. Unfortunately, he said some people who are afraid to live out that calling because they fear culture and the world are missing the mark.

“Right now, the level of cowardice we see in the church is because somehow people swallowed this lie that what they do with their life doesn’t matter,” Harrison said. “God loves bravery, and courage, and people standing up for his Word.” His words came amid headlines about Christian venues reportedly canceling Promise Keepers events. As CBN Digital previously reported, Harrison said over the summer that Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, canceled a Promise Keeper’s event after the men’s organization released a statement “reaffirming its support for the Biblical, biological, sexual identity of male and female, man and woman, in the context of marriage.”

A more recent Christian Post article alleges Harrison has “seen several scheduled events at churches and other venues canceled in recent months.” When asked why Christian organizations are canceling these events, the Promise Keepers head was candid. Harrison said some churches today are simply telling people what they want to hear. Watch his full response.

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